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Anagenesis announces the publishing of our 
2017 PSiP & PwrSoC Market Report!

The 2017 Edition Details

"Power-Supply in a Package (PSiP) and Power-Supply-on-a-Chip (PwrSoC) Market Report: The Density Challenge Continues 2015 – 2021"

We have updated our market report on these miniature power conversion products 1"X1"X1" or less.

Do you want to know the latest regarding PSiP and PwrSoC products and markets?

Do you want to know what the prospects are for these emerging devices?

Do you want to know if they are worth investing your time, effort, and funds in them? 

Since last year:

  • The PSiP market revenue has had double digit growth over the past year with market drivers being primarily by rapid time-to-market and a shortage of OEM power supply engineers.

  • Ultrahigh-density applications are starting to appear but not yet signi- ficant enough levels to fuel expected exponential growth. See when high growth is expected to become dominant.

  • The 48:1 POL is emerging pushed heavily by Google and Facebook. What impact will this new architecture have on PSiPs?

  • Mergers have had dramatic impact on PwrSoC market trends. Who and what will rekindle this market?

  • Is granular PwrSoC a trend or a single event?
                           And more...

Some highlighted features in this report are:

  • Covers technical and business aspects of Granular PwrSoC, with its unique product path; and includes integrated magnetics

  • "Technical Benchmark Figure-of-Merit" section

  • FOM trend analysis now based on device introduction year

  • New! Enabling technology gap analysis for embedded power passives

  • Expanded! Detailed pricing trend analysis

  • Added a PSiP landscape which shows the different PSiP types by company.

  • Key Alliances include power supply and semiconductor alliances that could have impact on PSiPs or PwrSoCs

  • Key parametric trends tracked and forecasted based on analysis of historic data from past decade. 

Our newest market report will provide past and projected market dynamics and an overview of the market drivers—and then drills down to the historic and projected benchmarking performance/trend details, particularly focusing on the point-of-load (POL) converter.

What makes this report unique?

  • It includes both the analytical and technical perspectives for both business and product planners. (Anagenesis pioneered reporting on these devices starting in 2007.)
  • It provides the broadest, yet most incisive, historical coverage for identifying and analyzing PSiP trends
  • It now showcases key technical benchmarks as requested
  • It includes insights obtained during discussions and interviews with key research, design, and business leaders during industry events such as the PwrSoC Workshops

Purchase your copy today!

Content and details are in the brochure. (see link at top of page)

Events we have recently attended…

APEC 2017

Was held in Tampa, Florida March 26-30. This is the premier global event in applied power electronics. Pre-APEC Workshop on high frequency magnetics was held the Saturday before APEC on March 25th sponsored by PSMA and IEEE/PELS. For more information go to: http://www.apec-conf.org/  

Power Supply on a Chip 2016 Workshop

Held in Madrid, Spain on October 3-6, 2016, the PwrSoC Workshop was a great success with about 150 in attendance. Presentations are immediately available to attendees and will be available to general public 6 months after the workshop. For more information, go to: http://www.pwrsocevents.com.

INTELEC© Conference 2016

The conference was held in Austin, Texas on October 23-27, 2016 with the theme Software Defined Power serving the Software Defined Network. For more information, go to: http://www.intelec2016.org.

Events we will be attending…

Power Supply on a Chip 2018 Workshop

PwrSoC first Asian workshop to be held in Taiwan in late 2018. Presentations and ePosters from PwrSoC 2016 will be available to the general public soon. Look for announcement at: http://www.pwrsocevents.com.

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