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If  you need assistance that includes a combination of marketing and engineering perspective, then we can help you. 


Client Projects

Anagenesis' technical marketing efforts have covered a wide range of strategic and  tactical efforts from business and market strategic planning facilitation and assistance, to introducing a new products, to the market to providing specialized expertise for solving strategic  problems on existing or new products or helping with new product market development.  Our research has included both technical and market landscape and trends. 

Our Latest Market Report

PSiP & PwrSoC: The Power Density Challenge Continues, 2015-2021

Anagenesis has created the fourth in our series of market reports on Power-Supply-in-a-Package (PSiP) and Power Supply-on-a-Chip (PwrSoC) products. This unique technical-based report provides a detailed analysis of the technologies, products, and markets served. 

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Earlier reports were published in 2011, 2014, 2016

Previous Projects
Here is a list of previous projects that Anagenesis has accomplished for our clients.

Previous projects


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