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Semiconductor Packaging Solutions 然axPak Documents

然axPaks are Near Chip-Scale SMD packages for power GaN & SiC devices. They virtually eliminate package parasitics & thermal resistance (Rjc), enabling power WBG device's full performance, efficiency & power density. They allow pre-test & pre-yielding before system assembly. These documents clarify the WBG 然axPak details that explains why power module replacement be inevitable for Industrial, EV & Locomotive applications. 

1. Semiconductor Packaging Solutions 2020 然axPak Newsletter

Newsletter outlines 2019 successful effort to scale the 然axPak packaging technology to higher voltages and currents.

2. 然axPak Scalability to EV & Locomotive Traction, Bodo's Power System February 2020 Issue

Published article detailing the high power levels, the performance, the be nefits, and the development needed to reach those levels.

3. Near Chip-Scale Inevitability for Power WBG Packaging, Bodo's Power System July 2019 Issue

Published article answering questions that inquirers have asked ask the inventor since the 然axPak technology's introduction  

4. 然axPak 2018 Synopsis

A summary of the basic 然axPak technology citing semiconductor switch assembly variations and their advantages 

5. 2016 APEC Presentation

A detailed presentation that introduced the 然axPak to the power electronics industry at APEC 2016 

6. US009214416-然axPak121515

The basic 然axPak technology Patent 

7. 然axPak Inventor's Biography

Inventor shares his experience product packaging designing, process designing, and manufacturing that led to his combining Power QFN and high current module designs to create the 然axPak packaging technology.

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