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Anagenesis has  history of continuous significant milestones since 2001.











Anagenesis Milestones

  • March 2020               Anagenesis will publish our sixth PSiP and PwrSoC Market Report with LTEC technical benchmarking

  • March 2019                Anagenesis will publish our fifth PSiP and PwrSoC Market Report with LTEC technical benchmarking

  • March 2018                Anagenesis publishes fifth PSiP and PwrSoC Market Repor

  • March 2017                Anagenesis publishes fourth PSiP and PwrSoC Market Report

  • December 2015          Anagenesis publishes third PSiP and PwrSoC Market Report

  • October 2016             Anagenesis celebrates 15 year anniversary

  • October 2016             Anagenesis, a member of the organizing committee, attends INTELEC
                                    2017 in Austin, TX.

  • July 2016                   Arnold Alderman presents "Unmet Challenges of Embedded Components
                                     for 3D Power Electronics Packaging" at SemiCon West in San Francisco

  • August 2016               Anagenesis signs up for 7th year to maintain the PSMA Energy Efficiency
                                     Standards Data Base (EEDB)

  • March 2016                The presentation entitled "Unmet Challenges of Embedded Component
      for 3D Packaging" is presented at APEC 2016 Packaging Industrial

  • March 2016                Anagenesis publishes third PSiP and PwrSoC Market Report

  • November 2015          PSMA selects Anagenesis to maintain their new Safety & Compliance
                                     Standards Data Base (SCDB)

  • March 2015                PSMA publishes the technology report “Current Developments in
    3DPackaging With Focus on Embedded Substrate Technologies”
     co-authored by Arnold Alderman of Anagenesis, Louis Burgan of LTEC Corporation, and Lars Boettcher and Thomas Loher of Fraunhofer-Institute

  • October 2014             The 4th International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip with Arnold
                                    Alderman as Genera Chair

  • December 2014          Anagenesis publishes second PSiP and PwrSoC Market Report

  • May 2013                   Arnold Alderman elected General Chair for the 4th International PwrSoC

  • October 2011             Anagenesis celebrates 10 year anniversary with staff in  LA and Phoenix

  • June 2011                  Anagenesis publishes first ever PSiP and PwrSoC Market Report

  • January 2005              Agreement reached with an inventor providing innovations in power electronics applications

  • February 2005           Provided white paper to leading US market research
                                    company to provide a white paper on the "Power
                                    Operating System"  

  • October 2004             Member of team that wins "outstanding business plan of the year" award
                                    at University of Limerick, Limerick Ireland

  • October 2004             Anagenesis presented paper  at the Power 2004
                                    Conference in Beijing sponsored by the China Power
                                    Supply Society (CPSS)

  • August 2004              Anagenesis attended ACEEE Conference

  • August 2004              Agreement with Eastern European design services
                                    company to provide market entry services

  • June 2004                  Arnold Alderman is invitied speaker at the Third
                                    International Forum on Power Supply Technology in
                                    sponsored by BPSA

  • March 2004                Arnold Alderman chairs the Energy Session and the Digital
                                    Rap session at APEC 2004

  • March 2004                Arnold Alderman becomes Board Chairperson for PSMA

  • January 2004              Anagenesis offers "bridging" program to Chinese

  • December 2003          Started "Power Now" column in CPSRE Magazine
                                     sponsored by the Beijing Power Supply Association

  • November 2003           Invited speaker to Power 2003 Conference in Shanghai
                                     sponsored by the China Power Supply Society (CPSS)

  • September 2003          Anagenesis moves to Century City offices

  • August 2003                Vicky Panossian joined Anagenesis as Managing Associate

  • August 2003                Engaged with a European power supply design services

  • July 2003                    Contract with Major LA Technology Investment
                                      Firm Client to provide advise regarding a technology

  • June 2003                   Provided report on specialized control of dc-dc power

  • March 2002                 Agreement to assist China IMS Client

  • December 2001           Provided 5 year planning assistance to a leading power
                                      supply company

  • October 2001              Contract with a Power Semiconductor and IC Partner
                                      Client Team to introduce a new product to market and
                                      capture early design wins

  • Sept 2001 - Feb 2002   Directed and contributed to a DC-DC Power Supply ASIC
                                     Technology and Product Multi-Client Study

  • September 2001          Anagenesis, Inc. founded by Arnold Alderman













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