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Business evolution through global technical marketing.

We can help you

    from concept...

         to market entry.


Services include the following aspects of...

  Technology and Market Research and Evaluation

Anagenesis provides our clients with a comprehensive view of the technology trends and the market status and dynamics for both the US and Europe. Although we focus on power electronics and power semiconductor markets, we can provide market intelligence on a wide variety of markets and applications. Our reports can be brief overviews or as comprehensive as needed.  

We have provided technology evaluation to investors, corporations, and start-up companies. This involves providing a review of the technology regarding its performance and application viability, its worth in forthcoming applications, and its value as compared to present and future alternative or competitive approaches. 

Anagenesis can also supply market feedback concerning your products and the perceptions your customer have of you.  As an independent third party, Anagenesis finds that customers are much more open about sharing their opinions. This can be very helpful for determining marketing direction and approaches to adopt.

For further details go to Technology & Market Research.

        Product Definition via Product Value Maximization

Traditionally basic product definition has evolved from what a technology or technologies can provide matched with customer performance needs.  This provides satisfactory fundamental or core product in most cases.    Unfortunately it does provide the best possible product for the market.  Anagenesis assists our clients in developing a comprehensive product definition based on the "whole product" concept.  This provides a product that fully meets the needs of your customer, including, business management, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, reliability and quality assurance, and engineering.

For further details go to Product Definition.

Business Plan Development (Global, Regional, or Local)

Your business plan is critical to your success.  To develop a successful business plan, both fundamental and advanced precepts must be employed.  Perception is paramount to strategy validity.  Referring to an age old adage, "It is difficult to see the picture when you are in the frame."  Anagenesis assists you in look at all business aspects with clear impartial view.  

For further details go to Business Plan Development.

Market Strategy Development

Once your product is defined, an aggressive marketing strategy must be developed that will be executed in you marketing plan.  Your marketing strategy depends on your target market or market sector, your competition, your present marketing position and your market goals. 

For further details go to Market Strategy Development.

Market Plan Development

With your market strategies clearly identified, Anagenesis can assist you in developing a comprehensive marketing plan that executes these strategies.  We work with your marketing or sales staff to develop a marketing plan to fit your resources and marketing objectives.

For further details go to Market Plan Development.

Market Entry Assistance

Capturing initial business is critical to establishing a winning momentum for your new product(s).  Anagenesis staff is ready to get you to the right people in the key accounts.  We have an extensive network of decision making contacts that will get your product reviewed much more promptly than working on a cold call basis.  We have been very successful in introducing products from both well established companies and unknown start up companies. 

For a better understanding of what we can do for you, go to Market Entry Assistance.


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