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Here are the latest press releases from Anagenesis.









5/12/2018       Arnold Alderman was author of the PSiP & PwrSoC sub-sections of the PSMA 2019 Technical Roadmap, of the non-isolated dc-dc converter section. Check out the Roadmap on the PSMA Website.


         5/12/2018   Anagenesis and LTEC Corp. Announce Cooperative Partnership to Create Market Reports with Anagenesis Market Analysis and LTEC Technical Benchmarking 



9/13,14/2010   Arnold Alderman is invited roundtable participant and speaker regarding PSiP & PwrSoC Market at Darnell Power Forum 

2/25/2010     Arnold Alderman presented a marketing paper at APEC on Power Supply in a Package (PSiP) and Power Supply on a Chip (PwrSoC)

3/30/2010    CUI, Inc. Announces License Agreement with California Power Research, an Anagenesis Client


6/10/2007     Arnold Alderman is Invited by EPA to be a Working Member of Test Procedure Harmonization Project

2/25/2007     Anagenesis is participant in EPRI PSMA Energy Efficiency Workshop


2/1/2006       Anagenesis attends Energy Star Battery Charger Test Specification Workshop

1/31/2006     Anagenesis is participant in Servers and Data Centers power saving conference


3/15/2005     Arnold Alderman, Anagenesis President, authors article for Power Electronics Technology Magazine regarding PEIG formation 

1/31/2005     Anagenesis Write industry power supply white paper the Power Operating System (POS) for iSuppli


9/30/2004     Anagenesis Speaks at Beijing Power Supply Conference

9/30/2004    Arnold Alderman, Anagenesis President, attends formation meeting of the Power Electronics Industry Group of Ireland.


7/15/2003    Anagenesis and Commergy reach agreement regarding Commergy US sales

11/15/2003  Anagenesis attends CPSS Conference and Exhibition in Shanghai

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