Quotes from previous clients

"Anagenesis was of great assistance to us.  They provided very profession and accurate input to our strategic planning.  As a result, we were able to introduce a very advanced compelling product." - the strategic marketing manager for a power supply client

"Anagenesis came in and quickly provided us with an accurate assessment of viable power applications for a technology we were considering developing.  We were able to make good investment decisions based on the advise from Anagenesis." - an investment group client

"Your paper on the 'Power Operating System' is very interesting and  comprehensive.  It is giving me some ideas that I need to give serious thought to.  It is an excellent paper." - an iSuppli client

We will gladly provide references upon request.

Market Reports

PSiP & PwrSoC: The Ultimate Power Density Challenge, 2008-2015
By Arnold Alderman and Ada Cheng

Anagenesis created the first ever market report on Power-Supply-in-a-Package (PSiP) and Power Supply-on-a-Chip (PwrSoC) products published in 2011. This unique technical-based report provided a detailed analysis of the technologies, products, and markets served. 

PSiP & PwrSoC: The Ultimate Power Density Challenge Continues, 2013-2018
By Arnold Alderman and Ada Cheng

We created our second market report on Power-Supply-in-a-Package (PSiP) and Power Supply-on-a-Chip (PwrSoC) products and published it in 2014.  

Previous Projects

Anagenesis' market research and development tasks have covered a broad range of efforts which usually required combining both marketing and engineering expertise.

Our projects have included

Intellectual Property Marketing

Intellectual property marketing included identifying target license candidates and  developing marketing collateral such as brochures for that audience.  Key decision makers were identified and approached to consider the IP.  Presentations were made to interested candidates by the licensee and Anagenesis. Anagenesis assisted with negotiations.

Strategic Planning - for a leading power supply company.

This project included researching the trends, issues, and threats that were developing in the global power supply market.  Efforts included a developing a detailed SWOT analysis of competitive industries and their leaders; identifying possible winning strategies; and identifying market impact of such strategies. 

Technology review and comments on viability in commercial market - for a west coast investment firm. 

The investment firm needed advise as to whether a technology in which they were considering investing was viable enough to provide an attractive return.  The technology was a power semiconductor technology.  Detailed review and advise regarding marketability of such technology was provided to the client.

Authored a white paper "The Power Operating System" - for iSuppli, Inc. 

This paper was written and provided to iSuppli by Anagenesis.  Final draft and associated collateral was created by iSuppli.   The paper provides a view of power supply trends and that are emerging with advise provided as to how power supply industry stakeholders can take advantage of this trend. 

If you would like to see this paper, go to the iSuppli Web site.


Was project leader and contributing author to a market research paper on ASICs and Power Management ICs published by PSMA. 

Anagenesis was the project leader and contributor along with the staff of PEI Technologies of Limerick Ireland.  The study focused on methods of achieving higher levels of integration for power supply ICs and Power ICs via standard and ASIC silicon chips.  This is one of the most comprehensive reports on power management and mixed signal ICs.  Many parts of this study are still very applicable today.  It is a primer on selecting an ASIC source. 

For a copy contact PSMA at http://psma.com

Technology business viability advise provided to an investment company

Review included both technical and business viability of the subject technology.  A report was generated regarding the findings and discussions were held with client staff.  Issues considered include customer acceptance, cost, competitive alternatives, technology development and market timing, and both technology and market enablers and barriers.  Anagenesis has conducted several such reviews since our founding. 

If you would like to see this paper, go to the iSuppli Web site.

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