"The key to product success is foreseeing and implementing all product elements including core, augmented, and future product". (Arnold Alderman, APEC 2000)  











Semiconductor Start-up Assistance

Assisting a semiconductor start-up determine the full product specification including augmented and future elements.  Identify and engage with target partners that will enable early capture of viable share of a highly competitive market. Identify and engage with target OEM customers that will lead to early adoption of  products.  

Research leading to full product specification

Reached includes input from the 5 buying influences within OEM and user organizations:
              Marketing and Sales
              Quality and Reliability

Product specification will include input to:
              Core product (the physically deliverable product)
              Augment product (services and accessories)
              Future product (that product needed for later design generations_

Target partners identification and engagement

Key market present partners will be identified and an engagement conducted with these partners based on:
              Synergy with client product
              Level of market presence
              Marketing packages that will leverage market share
              Ability to achieve fast time to market (TTM)
              Growth potential

Target OEM customer identification and engagement

Key OEM customers will be identified and engaged based on:
              Application and Sales opportunity
              Early adopting culture
              Level of market influence
              Venture capital funding potential

Venture capital mining

Will seek out VCs that can provide
              Early development funding
              First round funding
              Introduction to key partners and OEM customers
              Possible second round funding

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