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"Ed is a treasure trove of sound ideas. I have never encountered so many practical innovations from one person."

"He is a prolific inventor who is always perceiving a better way of solving a problem."

"I was really struck by the simplicity of his approaches."

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Ed Herbert Innovations
Ed Herbert is very active inventor in the area of power conversion.  His most famous invention is the matrix transformer which he licensed in the 1980s.  Since that time he has authored many more patents in the power electronics technology.  

September 15, 2005 - Edward Herbert was granted U. S. Patent No. 7,098,638 on August 29, 2006. This true digital power conversion topology builds on the switched-current power converter technology and extends its application to the processor itself. 

The parasitic impedance of the interposer limits the dynamic response of an external power supply. Using the totem-pole power converter for processors, the impedance of the interposer is no longer a problem; it becomes part of the solution. 

Mr. Herbert points out, "The greatest waste of power in a processor is the loss due to the leakage current when the processor is idle. By reducing the core voltage to zero, all of that power is saved. This was not possible until now, as the processor has to be "ready," and it took too long to restore the voltage. The switched-current power converter has very fast dynamic response." It can transition from no load to full load in less than a microsecond. The recently-issued patent shows how to use "passive ballasting" to divide a constant current into a large number of smaller constant currents. The ballasting is very small parallel inductors, and the self-inductance of parallel circuit board traces is sufficient for most applications. 
Using the switched current technology with switched charge, the voltage can go from 0 volts, 0 amps to any VID, any load current in less than a microsecond, and it can go from any VID, any load current to 0 volts, 0 amps just as fast.

March  2006 - The Switched Current Power Converter technology is expanded to include semiconductor device in the form of a simple power integrated circuit.  See the "Simple IC" write up below.

January 31, 2006 - The Switched Current Power Converter technology to be presented at the Conference on Enterprise Servers and Data Centers: Opportunities for Energy Savings.

November 2005
- Dr. Scott Strand of IBM started introducing this technology at his next monthly e-supplier meeting with the message, "We have taken a look at this technology and, from a theoretical perspective, we see there is some potential advantages that could be realized from this technology. We would like you to take a look at it, have some discussions, and see where you would like to have this go."


Ed Herbert's latest innovations are two advance performance power converter circuits: 

- The Switched Current Power Converter (SCPC) that provides very high di/dt power source performance, eliminating all of the bulk capacitors presently under and around the microprocessor.

- The Switched Charge Circuit (SCC) that provides very high dv/dt made necessary with the advent of Intel's "Demand Based Switching.

- And augmenting IP such as 
         > Total charge measurement
         > The coaxial transformer
         > Modular design approaches
         > Low loss, low Z interconnect 

For an overview of the IP Portfolio to fully implement these converters download

A Poster Overview of the Switched Current Power Converter

A Slide Overview of the Switched Current Power Converter Technology

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Ed Herbert's biography and perspective

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For information on other innovations from Ed Herbert visit his Web site


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